The present and the future

(When I write this, it is December 2001). Today, is the leading site for savegames on the internet. With the 4rd layout in our history, we're ready for the future. As you might know, the internet hype is over, and advertisement earnings are very low. However, due to low costs and no commercial mentality it's safe for me to say that will continue in the future.

At the moment, the site is hosted at a dedicated server, shared with one other gamesite.

The Download System uses an advanced download system, called DCM, which stands for Digibytes Content Manager. It is developed by myself and is currently in beta-fase. In the future, the script will be a commercial product and will be sold to everyone. Now, it is only used on and DOS Games Archive. If you're looking for a download script, please .

Digibytes Download Manager
Digibytes Content Manager

DOS Games Archive

When you are reading this, you mentioned DOS Games Archive several times. But what is our relation with it? Friend, very good friends. We use the same download system. Also, the guys of Dos Games Archive are crew on, and I'm crew at their site.

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