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Site history

Let's start with some history. I started this site in September 1999, when I was looking for a way to get further in a game (don't remember which game anymore). I could only find some cheats and a trainer. Both ways to ruin a game, in my opinion. Suddenly my mind said: "savegames". What a great idea, huh :) But, unfortunately for me, I couldn't find a savegames web site.

Now, the idea was here, only a site was needed. I just bought the book "HTML for Dummies", so I had a great test project. After some work, the site was completed with the great amount of 5 (!) savegames, and ready to go online. I found a home for the site by the guys of DOS Games Archive and the ETM Network. They give me 25 MB and the subdomain I was very suprised of the amount of visitors the first weeks: around 90 unique visitors a day.

Old layout
One of the first layouts.

The month after the beginning, the site grows till 150 visitors a day. In December of the same year, I bought the domain name where you're still surfing on ( What a great amount of money was $70 for 2 years (Network Solutions had the monopoly on domain names, so prices were high). Time for a banner on the site to get out of the costs. The first banners were from the company Valueclick, who were paying $0,12 per click. So I needed 583 click!

Old layout
Another old layout.

2000 came, and the site kept growing, in unique visitors and in savegames. My free 25 MB were full, and I had to pay for 25 MB more. Luckily, I got a new webhosting account. Like I said, the site was getting more and more visitors, and the site was now suitable for a better advertising company. It was Burst!Media, who payed me per 1000 views. Together with the internet hype, I was getting enough money to continue with the site. Also, in June 2000 it was time for a new layout, because the old one didn't required anymore.

More grow came and end 2000 the Future Games Network contacted me (ok, ok, I contacted them ;) and I had the possibility to join their top gamesites network. So joined the network, placed new banner ads and a FGN logo, and I was part of the famous network!

Old layout
The layout before this one.

Another year (2001) and even more grow. changed for the third time from layout and in September of that year, we started to use a state of the art download system written in PHP and powered with a MySQL database and a password protected backend. When I'm writing this, it is December 2001, and I'm making a complete new layout with a new version of the download system. And if everything is going right, you read this in the new layout!

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