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Before you contact us, please take a look on the Frequently Asked Questions. E-mails with questions answered in this FAQ will not be replied!

How do I open a savegame?
You have to open a savegame in your game, not in windows. Please read the Download guide for more information.

Windows ask for a program to run the savegame with!
In case you didn't unzip the savegame, you need to select a unzip program like Winzip. In case you already unzipped it, open the savegame in your game, and not in Windows! In both cases, please read the Download guide.

The savegame isn't working in the game, what now?
Did you put the savegame in the right folder?

Yes, I did, but it still doesn't work?
It could be a version conflict. Try some different versions from the game, using patches or a clean install. It also could be a language conflict. 99% from the savegames are made on the english version of the game. Or, it could be that you don't have the legal version. In that case, it is your own fault and we do not give any support.

Do you have a savegame for [insert game name]?
If you can't find it at this site, we don't have it! Please do not e-mail for savegames requests, because we really doesn't have enough time to search for it.


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