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In a few steps we will explain you how to extract the downloaded savegame and run it on your computer.

Step 1

You need an application which can extract (unzip) ZIP files. A nice program for Windows is WinZip. You can download the shareware version for free from When you install the program, select 'Classic edition'

Winzip installation - Click for larger image
Choose "Classic edition" - Click for larger image.

Step 2

After you have installed WinZip on your computer, you have to take a look into the games folder. Try to locate a savegames folder or something similar. Please keep the location in your mind.

Locate the savegame folder - Click for larger image
Locate the savegame folder - Click for larger image.

Step 3

Now you can begin to extract the downloaded ZIP file. Simply double-click on the ZIP file. Then WinZip will start and the following window will appear, where you can see the files of the savegame.

Select all files and click the 'Extract' button on the top of the window. You will get a dialog box with which you can select a folder. Choose the folder which you found at Step 2, then press 'Extract'.

Extract the file - Click for larger image
Extract the file - Click for larger image.

Step 4

Now close WinZip and go to the directory where WinZip has extracted the savegame or application. Check if you see all the files which where listed in Winzip.

Now start the game and open the savegame. Have fun!

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If you have more questions about downloading and unzipping, don't hesitate to contact us.

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