Command & Conquer: Renegade

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All levels available.

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Placed by on Thursday, March 14, 2002
hi all,
just a few lines to inform you that this game is very hard to play and dosn't
flow the reg. way most C&C games are played. in renegade all you do is run around
trying to acheive your objectives using a bogus radar with green or yellow stars on it.
if you follow the radar indecator all you run in to is dead end that done match up with
the map you on.please don't look at the walls because after 1hr. or more at play you
will feel the worse headache of your life........ so please have a a few aspirin next to your p.c.
however i'm a big C&C nut ( you gotta be a nut to pay almost $ 60:00 u.s. w/tax)
well gotta go right now please E- me if you have tips or cheats for C&C renegade.

peace out, tc.slawder

Placed by Girtje on Monday, March 18, 2002
The Best game of te world

Placed by on Thursday, May 2, 2002
First off your a bad player, and i got my game for 35.00 USD w/tax
and it is really fun

Placed by on Thursday, May 16, 2002
Can you please start a new campain on easy, and as you get into it save it and upload it on this page. Because i can't start a new campain, but i can load one.

Placed by on Sunday, October 20, 2002
How can i get all levels of renegade,i dont get it?

Placed by Stiff ROck on Tuesday, October 29, 2002
PLay the MUltiplayER it ROCKS!!!

Comment pages: [1]

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